Some of these Famous Lincolnshire people may be more fairly described as "infamous", or even "notorious"....

We are all people of our time with our strengths, weaknesses, opinions and selective vision. What once seemed an acceptable idea can on retrospect prove a bad mistake, even a major crime.

British imperialism would have seemed laudable to some on this list, including trading of slaves, transporting convicts, expanding commercial agriculture across the world and exploiting natural resources at the expense of indigenous cultures and the environment.

Lincolnshire had its own domestic issues, such as land drainage and enclosure, that drove many local people to migrate to cities, or try a life at sea, in the army, or in the emerging colonies.

I will leave it to the reader to see the good in the lives of the people listed here, to understand the perceptions and expectations of their times, and where justified to be critical of some of their actions and attitudes. Let us hope we shall not be considered similarly flawed by future generations.

Henry Andrews
Joseph Banks
George Bass
George Boole
Thomas Boor Crosby
Francis Dashwood
John Dee
John Dyer
Laurance Eusden
Matthew Flinders
Michael Foale
Richard Fox
John Foxe
John Franklin
Robert Grosseteste
John Harrison
Thomas Little Heath
George Herbert
Herbert Ingram
Maurice Johnson
Martin Lister
William Marwood
Isaac Newton
Thomas Paine
William Paley
Barnes Wallis
Thomas Pennant
Sir Wiliam Robertson
Samuel Roberts
Charlotte Angas Scott
John Smith
William Stukeley
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Hereward the Wake
Francis Willis