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This webpage celebrates the life and work of Sir Thomas Boor Crosby, the Lincolnshire doctor who became Lord Mayor of London.

Sir Thomas Boor Crosby

Born 26th Oct 1830 in Gosberton, Lincs. Died 7th April 1916

Notes: [July 2001] by Maxwell Portlock - reproduced here with his permission.

Sir Thomas Boor Crosby. Picture from from Vanity Fair

Son of a farmer, youngest of five brothers, he studied to be a physician.

He married Anne Ryan at St.Pancras Old Church London 24th May 1859 and was Knighted in 1906.

He became Lord Mayor of London in 1911 and was the first from the Company of Physicians to become Lord Mayor of London and the oldest Lord Mayor, appointed at the age of 81.

After the Titanic sank he instigated a Fund to support the survivors and relatives.

He also supported a move to re-arm the military prior to the First World War.

He died 7th April 1916 in London and is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

His forebears are buried in Gosberton Church. (Except David, who emigrated to the U.S.A. with his wife in 1866.) Their decendants, distant cousins, are still in contact with their Lincolnshire relations.

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