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Job hunting in Lincolnshire is not easy. There are jobs advertised in local papers, but there is not much of a selection and there are seldom many senior or well paid jobs to be found. These tend to be offered in the "nationals" or relevant professional magazines. Job Centres are another source of information, but again this tends to be a rather low grade selection of posts.

Nowadays it is possible to do a lot of job hunting via a range of websites, some very useful, some less so. Here are a few, and I will be glad to add others if you will let me know about them. Your feedback is important.

Lincolnshire Job Links

Socio-economic reality...

There is a tendency to offer low salaries in the county and to expect the quality of life, low property prices etc. to be the trade-off. As property and fuel prices rise, young people in particular can find it difficult to get a foot on the ladder. This is unlikely to change in the near future.

Employment in the agricultural sector is declining nationally and Lincolnshire is no exception. Expanding resettlement in areas with little to offer in terms of employment, recreation or housing has added to the county's problems.

Public transport verges on the disgraceful, especially in rural areas. I am told that not that long ago it was possible to catch a bus into Boston on a Thursday and come back on the return trip the next Saturday! Things have improved in some areas, but I once had to cancel an important business trip after two Boston to Grantham trains failed, making it impossible to make a connection. A car is essential if you wish to get to work, however much you might prefer to "travel green"! Lincolnshire's roads are notoriously bad, with a poor safety record.

BUS HOTLINE. If you do have to use public transport - including trains - a very good customer information service is available on the Bus Hotline for Lincolnshire on 01522 553135.

Useful national sites on jobs &c.

If things go wrong.....

I will be pleased to hear from clients or employers wishing help with project management or funding.

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