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If you are considering keeping bees, you would be well advised to join a local branch of
the BBKA, where you will find unlimited and enthusiastic advice from fellow beekeepers.
I have now retired from beekeeping, but hope this webpage will prove helpful.

Help with Bee Problems

European Foul Brood [EFB] has been found in Lincolnshire. [May 2021]

Beekeepers wanting to keep up to date on this outbreak and make yourselves easy to contact
if necessary, are strongly encouraged to register your details on the NBU website, BeeBase.
» BeeBase

Members of the public who need advice on swarms should visit the BBKA Swarm page:
» Advice on Swarms. Read it before ringing anyone for help.
If you need to contact a local beekeeper, start with your local Beekeepers' Association.
» Local Beekeeping Associations
Please note that a beekeeper will not usually agree to deal with bees inside a roof or wall.
That is a job for a pest control specialist and possibly a builder.
Beekeepers will not usually be willing to deal with bumblebee nests. Some will.
Bumblebees are not usually a problem as colonies die off naturally at the end of the summer.
» Introducing the 'Tree Bumblebee' Bombus hypnorum by Cliff Hill.

» Guide to Solitary Bees in Britain by The Wildlife Trusts.
» Miner Bees in Your Lawn? by Garden Seeker.

Should you have genuine trouble with feral honeybees, bumblebees or wasps, contact a
professional pest control company. e.g.
» The National Pest Technicians website. Click on your region.
Also, see the Lincoln link at bottom of this page.

The Lincolnshire Beekeepers' Association

Young Cupid robs a skep!

Lincolnshire Show 2021
The decision has been taken to cancel Lincolnshire Show 2021. See:
» Lincolnshire Show
For the latest LBKA Show Schedule and Entry Forms ready for 2022:
» Refer to LBKA Website which is under development

Beekeeping for Beginners Courses
For details of LBKA Beginners Courses visit the LBKA website.
» Refer to LBKA Website which is under development

Annual Bee Auction 2022
Annual Auction Sale of Bees & Equipment: tba
» Refer to LBKA Website which is under development

Lincolnshire-bred British Dark Bees
Message from Tobias Downes

I have British Dark Bees, and supply 14x12 or National 6 frame nucs, and queens.
14x12 are £tba, National nukes are £200, an artificially inseminated queen is £45 and marked but not clipped.
[2020 prices - Please confirm this year's prices with supplier.]
Contact me to discuss when the first batch of queens should be ready.

  • e-mail: Contact Tobias Downes
  • Facebook: Billinghay Bees
    » Billinghay Bees website.

  • For information on keeping bees, dealing with swarms, prevention of spray accidents, diagnosis and treatment
    of bee diseases and the supply of beekeeping equipment &c. the following links may be useful:

    Queen-marking Colour Codes
    » 2019 = Green
    » 2020 = Blue
    » 2021 = White
    » 2022 = Yellow
    » 2023 = Red

    LBKA etc...

    Useful links...

    Other really useful contacts...

    Bees down your chimney?

    If all else fails contact Lincoln & District Pest Control Services who specialise in such problems.

  • Lincoln & District Pest Control Services

    Telephone: 01522 790583.

  • Or visit:
  • The National Pest Technicians website and click on your region.
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