Famous people   George Boole
Famous Lincolnshire People   George Boole
Some famous ex-residents
Scientists and mathematicians, explorers and revolutionaries, philosophers and an astronaut!
  George Boole (native of Lincoln) is rightly regarded as one of the founding fathers of computing and information technology.
Beekeeping   Comets
Honeybees and Beekeeping   Cosmic events
If you are interested in this ancient craft, here are some useful contact points and links to other 'bee' sites.   Out and about in the night? Look out for these meteor showers, satellites and eclipses etc.
Lincoln Cathedral   Legends of the Fenland People
Lincoln Cathedral   Legends of the Fenland People
Links to a variety of websites about Lincoln Cathedral. Some simply go to photographs, others to longer, more descriptive pages.   The Werewolf of Dogdyke - an extraordinary and terrifying story as told by Christopher Marlowe...
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Links to a variety of web sites
Some you may find useful,
some not so useful,
and some,


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