Vertebrate Species List - [not including Fish]

  • indicates species reviewed in Lincolnshire Natural History Brochure No.9
    Atlas of the Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians of Lincolnshire and South Humberside
    Johnson, M. - Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union. 1982.
    [Some of these references are historical and should not be taken to indicate their occurrence today!
    There have been status changes since this analysis, with species being both lost and gained.]

    For current records please refer to the
    Atlas of the terrestrial and semi-aquatic Mammals of Lincolnshire
    by C. J. Manning, LNU Mammal Recorder,

    on the link below.
    You can download and print off a hard copy or view it online.
    – LNU, June, 2016.

    For Lincolnshire bat information, see:
    Bats – An assessment of current status in Greater Lincolnshire. GNLP 2013.

    List below based on Lincolnshire Biological Record Centre Card.

    A selection of related links.

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  • Wildnews Bulletin Portal – archive of past LNU newsletters.

  • – Mammal Society.

  • – National Biodiversity Network.

  • – Natural History Museum.

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