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This webpage celebrates the history and charm of the Lincolnshire village of Bardney.

Everything taken together, here in Lincolnshire are more
good things than man could have had the conscience to ask.

William Cobbett, in his Rural Rides [c.1830]

No county [Lincolnshire] has better churches and worse houses.
The poorer sort of people wash their clothes with hog's dung,
and burn dried cow's dung for want of better fuel;
whence comes the Lincolnshire proverb:
"Where the hogs shite soap and the cows shite fire".

Curiosities of Great Britain (c.1780)


Bardney links of interest

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  • King's Hill Barrow of unknown date.
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  • Aethelflaed: The woman who crushed the Vikings - the Bardney connection.
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  • Peter Hancock's Hospital [1712]
  • The Old School House.
  • IX Squadron memorial
  • RAF 9 Squadron
  • The Water Rail Way
  • The Viking Way
  • The River Witham. Video.
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  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • Stuart Boyfield's gargoyle.
  • British Sugar - Bardney. Urban Exploration documents the decay. This site has been temporarily disabled.

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