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This website is an affectionate tribute to the County of Lincolnshire and its many famous people, by birth or adoption.
It was conceived and designed by Steve Gray.
The following notes offer links to subjects of personal interest or significance.
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~ Studies and Career &c. ~

Roger Parsons: Raised in Trinidad and in Pembrokeshire.
Studied Zoology and Education. During university vacations worked for the Field Studies Council,
and later as a Course Director and a Research Assistant with the Oil Pollution Research Unit.
At this time did fieldwork in Iceland and grew a beard! Postgraduate work later on in Agriculture.

1970s, taught Biology in Cambridgeshire. Lived in Shudy Camps.

Then served with VSO as an agriculture volunteer in Vanuatu. Subsequently worked as
VSO's UK Agricultural Development Officer.

Later, Postgraduate work: Tropical Agricultural Development. [ODA Natural Resources Studentship]
Early 1980s, worked for ActionAid The Gambia as Senior Agricultural Officer and Acting Director, with
the UK national fundraising team, and served on short ActionAid contracts in Ethiopia and Malawi.


~ A proud resident of fenland Lincolnshire ~

Between 1984 to 2016 kept honeybees and a cottage garden in the vast skyscape
of rural Lincolnshire near the village of Dogdyke close to the River Witham.
Overhead flew aircraft of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Typhoons.

From 1989 to 1995 worked as Director with the Lincoln Cathedral Preservation Council
and went on to work for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust up to 2000.

A highlight of this period was the successful 1999 campaign against proposed
floodlighting of the Humber Bridge.

Returned to Science teaching in 2000 and retired in 2012.
Is available pro-bono for tutoring or as a charity consultant.


In 2017 - moved north to Bardney

That, and the rest of this website, should be more than enough information
for identification if our paths have crossed before!
News from long lost family or friends is always welcome! Get in touch!


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